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Who We Are

The Cathedral of Faith Christian Center is a church that is moving toward Christ by being a community that loves, encourages, and equips people in Christ – to help individuals to serve our community and the world; to encourage their purpose; to encourage their gifts; and, to encourage their callings. We are a church that believes people matter to God.

We want to be a place where the broken can come and find a true home in Christ.

We serve a risen Savior, Jesus Christ our Lord. Whether you are a Christian or not, we want to welcome you to come – even if you are searching or looking for a community, we welcome you.


We Are A Church of Missions:

We are committed to meet the needs of people inside and outside of our walls.

A Food Pantry is set up within the church to help reach out to people, not only in our community but surrounding areas.

We believe that God gives every church and ministry a job description and location in which to fulfill that job. We believe we have been called to reach parts of the world as God leads, but we also believe that He has called us first to where we are, and that’s Summerfield, NC and its surrounding area.


We Are An Empowered Church:

The gifts & callings of God are without repentance, so if God has called you, as we know and believe He has called us, He has gifted each of us and empowered us by His Spirit to do the ministry for and in this hour we live.

God has placed a lamp stand in every God-birthed church and as long as we continue to do things His way, He will continue to feed the lamp with oil (His Spirit). But, if and when we stop doing it His way, He will remove the lamp stand and the church will die.

However, here at the Cathedral of Faith Christian Center, God continues to fill us with fresh oil, power, and authority to reach the world for Jesus Christ.


We Are A Church That Ministers To Its Neighbors:

God is all knowing and full of wisdom. Long before the birth of the local church in a city or neighborhood, God was already aware of the need there and for us here at the Cathedral of Faith Christian Center. We are so thankful that God has chosen Summerfield, NC as the place we can share our labor of love and help bring this place into the loving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. So, we thank you –Summerfield- for allowing us to be a part of your lives.